As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons…”
Well….y’all know the rest.

Here I am, for the third time, starting all over again.
Due to some tiiiiiight finances this summer, I wasn’t able to renew my hosting panel through my hosting site and my blog was deleted and all of my writings and posts have been lost.

After multiple phone calls and few whispered curse words at my computer, I finally accepted that I wasn’t going to retrieve my old content. I thought about crying and maybe throwing somethings, but then I stopped, took a breath and realized that I have a choice here.

I’m truly facing a crossroads in my life.
I just completed the hardest two years of my life in graduate school.
I just got engaged. (!)
I’m getting ready to start a life in Chicago at the end of August.
I have a whole new adventure waiting right in front of me.

Maybe this was the perfect time for my blog to get a facelift, for me to start fresh with new intentions and ideas?
Maybe this is my opportunity to take these lemons and with a blessing from Beyoncé, make some damn lemonade?!

Well that’s what I’m choosing to do.

So here we are, with a big ole’ thirst quenching glass of the best lemonade I have ever made.
Since it’s the middle of the summer, it’s a perfect time for lemonade.
A perfect time for blooming and growing.

I have so many new stories to tell you all and I’m jumping straight in real soon.
I want to share all about my graduation, my move back to the glorious midwest (and my new apartment!), my engagement, and all of my adventures I’ve been on this summer. It’s really only been two months since I last wrote a blog post, but oh man has it been a lifetime of growth.

There is always an opportunity for us to make specific choices.
Choices to find the sugar in those sour moments.
To find the light in the dark.
To learn from mistakes.
To breathe.

Thanks for sticking around while I discover those sweet moments in my life, in writing, and in blogging.

Light & Love,


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