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2 Month Anniversary!

If I am being 100 with y’all, I find any “month-iversary” to be gross.
For me, it’s not impressive to celebrate being with a person for two months, when you’ve probably had toothbrushes for longer periods of time.
Real commitment, that truly deserves to be celebrated is a commitment of time and dedication.
That’s not something you get in mere months.

HOWEVER, I am calling a ceasefire with these rules.
Because I am in one of the most beautiful relationships I have ever had in my life and wow I totally get why people act like IDIOTS and celebrate month-iversaries.
I think I finally get it.
When you have such a beautiful, wonderful, exciting thing–you want EVERY DAMN person to know just how damn HAPPY you are.

I’ve been living in Chicago for two months now and it has been the most magical, fulfilling time of my entire adult life.

I grew up in the Northwest Indiana region till I was bout 11 years old. Then, my family moved to South Carolina.
(I think the simpler, sweet midwest sunshine and the charming southern kindness and manners cultivated me into the strong, independent, and loving person I am. Also maybe a lot of my mother, but you get the idea. Both places are important to me and my identity as a person. Duuuuh.) Before we moved to South Carolina, my family and I made so many trips into Chicago. We’d go in to go to the museums, the aquarium, or the art institute. The city was big and a little scary and exciting as hell. It was the first time a city had left me enamored.

Jump forward to college, and Chicago called to me. I went back to Northwest Indiana and lived about an hour train ride outside of the city for four years. This time, I was able to feel and see the city for myself. We became friends and confidants. I’d forgive her when she’d rain unexpectedly, leaving me soaked, and she would make every wrong turn and missed street into an adventure.

Then I left again for graduate school, but I always knew I’d be coming back to her.
She knew too.
I took a leap, believing that she’d help me blossom into new opportunities, and she did.
Chicago has always had my back (and my heart).

So for the past two months, I’ve been living my dream.

I’m currently in a two year program at Roosevelt University (with Chicago College of Performing Arts).

I get to make music with really talented people.
I get to discover myself and my art for another two years.
I don’t take any classes.
I just show up and sing.
(Eventually I’ll be performing with Chicago Opera Theatre in February, so #DREAMS Y’ALL!)

I have a part time job I actually like!

I work at a store in Uptown called Provisions.
It’s a wine, spirits, beer, cheese, snack, ice cream, local Chicago trinkets & art store. So all things dope and amazing.
The business is owned by a couple and one of them actually graduated from my undergrad! Connections!!

But basically, I get to try new wines and spirits and help sell them at the store.
It’s a wonderful working environment and ugh I’m so grateful for it!

And of course, the best part of this new life is living with my favorite person & the best asshole cat in the dreamiest apartment.


Building our home here in Rogers Park has been everything I’d hoped it would be.


Our apartment has become everything my heart has ever wanted.
While I have a particularly perfect knack for decorating and making things “home-y”, Kyle deserves every ounce of credit for finding this place (in our budget AND in the same building as our best friends!).
We are truly living the dream, folks.

The best part about our new apartment is the space we have to invite other people over. I loooooooveeeeeeeee having friends over for dinner, or just to play mario party for the afternoon. It’s incredibly wonderful to extend a little warmth to people you love and spend time with them in a place you love.

We even have a little “patio” area that we share with our friends downstairs.
We strung some lights up for a cozy lil’ outdoor vibe.
We sometimes have coffee out there in our chairs in the morning together.
Do y’all know how NICE it is to have adult friends who want to have coffee with you outside in the mornings?

(ALSO, we have a piano in our dining room which has literally made me CRY out of joy/relief/unbelievable pride)

And Oliver has been adjusting accordingly…..

I was talking with a friend right after I had moved to Chicago and I told them, “It’s kind of insane to be living your real life dream.” I feel so grateful, and somehow a little anxious because life is so so so so so good right now y’all. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, or for the something to change–but it doesn’t. Life can be so sweet and wow I can’t believe I get to have this little piece of what I’ve always wanted.
I’ve always wanted a life in this city.
I’ve always wanted to get paid to sing in Chicago.
I’ve always wanted an apartment that made my heart do a happy jig every time I walked into it.
I’ve always wanted a partner who knows exactly what I want for dinner and who brings me coffee in the mornings and who loves me just as imperfectly as I am and who supports my “unstable” life (#ArtistPartners).
I’ve always wanted an asshole prince of darkness cat who not only makes me laugh, but comforts me (it evens out all of the times he’s completely decimated toilet paper rolls).
I’ve always wanted this exact life I’m living.

Keep dreaming, little cricket. They come true.

Light & Love,

Emma, Kyle & Ollie

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