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2017 Autumnal Adventures

Do you realize that for three months out of the year, all of us here on this tiny planet in the middle of the big, magical solar system get to experience the most remarkable season that is Autumn?

The days grow darker, but our homes get warmer and burn bright with sweet smelling candles, hearty crockpot meals, and sweet pies cooling on window sills. Our fingers reach for for cable knit sweaters, fuzzy blankets, and tall boots. Our lipsticks bleed darker and our eyeliner is sharper (and doesn’t melt off). Our hearts long for every form of pumpkin spice we can find.

Basically Autumn is one big Hygge festival and I am so here for it. (If you don’t know what Hygge is, Here ya go!)

This is my first official year as a Chicago resident and I have been soaking up aaaallll of the Midwest Autumnal Sunshine™.

Here are a few of my favorite Autumnal things I’ve done so far this season!
(P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for a post dedicated to Fall Fashions, because there were too many to share here!)


Duh, of course you gotta get to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard. I mean, look at how cute this little dudes are!

I’ve been to two orchards this season, but my favorite was the Jonamac Orchard in Malta, IL. It was a smaller place, but it had a main house to buy apple cider donuts, pumpkins, and apples, as well as a Cider House where you could taste and try their very own Hard Ciders and Wines!

I encourage y’all to find smaller orchards to go to! Plus, there is just something extra charming about the cornfields in the Middle of Nowhere, USA during the Harvest Season.

Really, the best place to be during Autumn is outside. Skies hold a bright blue hue, the leaves are painted deep gold and red, and everything just seems to be billowing with a sense of rebirth and preparation for new beginnings.
Must be the crisp air? Whatever it is, get outside.
Just go for a walk down your street and look up at the trees, because they’re telling new stories. Take your best friend for a trip around your favorite spots to see things with new eyes. Go giggle at all the cute Halloween decorations. Go. Go. Go!


One of my favorite places to stop by to stock up on Apples and fresh produce has been my neighborhood Farmer’s Market. Don’t give up on them just because summer is over! Honestly, they’re at their best right now. Apples and Sunflowers and Fresh Breads galore! Of course this is the season of apples.

My all time favorite apple is Honeycrisp, however, I think that’s changed after this year. I think my new favorite is the Jonagold apple (found at the little orchard!). Another reason to go find the smaller, more individualized orchards this season!

Y’all. Pumpkin flavored pasta sauce has changed the game. And by the game, I mean dinner. We’ve gone through at least two jars of it. It’s amazing on tortellini with chicken and on pumpkin & butternut squash stuffed ravioli. We snagged this guy from Aldi. 100% worth it.

I’m not a beer drinker, but I love hard ciders and this guy was begging for me to take him home.
For you muggles, Black Phillip was a goat in the movie VVITCH that came out a few years ago. (It’s amazing go watch it. It’s about Witches, duuuhh.) I’m obsessed with Witches and hard cider and the purchase became a no brainer. I personally like really sweet things and this was more tart than sweet. However, I really enjoyed it! I grabbed this at a local Beer & Wine store for like $10 for a 6 pack! This would be a gr8 addition to any Halloween/Spoopy party you’ll be throwing.

Full disclosure, I haven’t tried this Pumpkin wine yet, but I’m kind of insanely excited about opening it this Friday. (Also a find at Jonamac Orchard!)

And of course, any self-respecting Queen of Autumn will have to make approximately 5 Target trips to stock up on the essentials. Essentials like pumpkin spice coffee creamer, hot buttered rum coffee (don’t buy the Apple Cider Donut Coffee. It tastes like watered down tea. Unless that’s your thing?), pillsbury ready to bake cookies, and Hocus Pocus on DVD (because you’ll make your fiancé rent HalloweenTown on Amazon).

*Black Cat not included in Target Autumnal Haul

Self Care

Pretty self explanatory. I’m obsessed and in love with Lush and their Halloween line is amazing. My favorite thing to do after a long week is to take a bath, throw in a bath bomb, and catch up on American Horror Story: Cult.


My commute to downtown Chicago is about a 40 minute train ride (if the CTA is cooperating) and that means I now have a built in 80 minutes of reading time in my schedule each day. I’ve been devouring books on the train. Recently, I’ve started to pick up spooky, murder-y, halloween-y type reads that have not disappointed me.

Reading is fun, you dinguses. Autumn is literally turning down Mother Nature’s furnace to give you the optimal temperatures to grab a blanket, a hot mug of tea, and snuggle into a good book for an afternoon.


If we’re Instagram friends, you’ll know that I used to decorate my old little studio apartment with so many leaves and kitschy decorations. Now that I’m trying to be an adult with my fiancé in our new place, I’ve designated all of the fun spoop to our new bar cart and I’m in LOVE with it.

It’s a perfect little seasonal beacon in our home and I’m excited to switch out the decorations for each holiday!

*Again, Black Cat not included

Other than our bar cart, I have been OBSESSED with the pumpkin bourbon candle from Edgewater Candles. Edgewater Candles is a local candle company and we sell a lot of their products at my work. When I found this guy, I immediately bought it. It’s a soy candle and apparently burns for up to 60 hours! Woo!!

As you can see I am soaking up every little moment this season offers.
From apples to candles and hard ciders, I’m l i v i n g for all of it.

What have y’all done this season that has made your inner Autumnal Goddess smile?
Lemme know! Maybe it’s something I’ll add to my Fall Bucket List!

Light & Love & Leaves,


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