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Dinosaur Date

If we are any sort of friends or acquaintances then you know one hard truth about me: I f*cking LOVE dinosaurs. I’m always down for watching Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, any of the Land Before Time movies and I literally squeal with delight whenever I come across some cute thing with dinosaurs on it (dresses, lamps, art work, I could go on for DAYS).

And if you are my fiancé, then you know exactly the perfect place to take me for our Five Year Anniversary. You take me to see the new Jurassic World Exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Funny side note: I ALWAYS KNOW when dinosaurs MIGHT be involved.
For instance, one summer, Kyle told me we were going on a surprise date.
Didn’t give me details.
Just one day we got on a train and headed in a direction to a surprise.
Little did Kyle know, I heard on the radio earlier that week about an animatronic exhibit on Navy Pier WITH LIFE SIZE DINOS.
Guess where we were headed?
Guess who knew it as soon as she realized they were walking towards the pier?
Kyle has also tried to surprise me with certain gifts that I either guess, or find out about before he can surprise me.
Oh yes, your girl has like a strange sixth sense about dinosaurs.

Anyway- I was super stoked we were going to the Field Museum.
We went on a Friday afternoon (Kyle had the day off!).
We wanted to go that Friday, because the following Saturday was going to be a Free Museum day.
And those are INSANE.
So many children.
So many sticky fingers.
No thanks.

We also got some dope discounts on our tickets. (Chicago residents and students get discounted tickets! And Chicago teachers get the regular tickets FREE! They just have to pay for the “special” exhibits!)

Ok, so after the joy of seeing Sue, we headed to the entrance of the Jurassic exhibit.
We found this Mold-A-Rama machines that made Dinosaur figures.
We of course are adults and got both versions offered.

After riding the “boat” to Jurassic Island, WE ARRIVED!


What was really amazing about this entire day, was that the museum and this Jurassic Exhibit were essentially empty. We got individual viewings of the Raptor show (YES it was Blue!) as well as the T-Rex show.

After the Jurassic part, we went through some of the “regular” exhibits at the museum and WOW I cannot recommend that people just go to science museums more. It’s an incredibly small, human feeling to walk through exhibits about evolution and the growth of different species and the world itself. You never realize how small you seem (and all your problems and stresses) compared to the vastness of the world.

Also, I totally got that dino mug. You already know.

Light & Love & Dinosaurs,


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