Stranger Things Season 2 Viewing Party!

If you’re not watching/haven’t binge watched the entirety of Stranger Things on Netflix, know that I am praying for your soul.

My fiancĂ© and I are obsessed with this show. We love TV shows and we talk about this one all the time. We’ve fallen in love with all the details of the show, the timelessness of it, the writing and character development, and of course, the acting. It’s a beautiful story to just escape into and, Oh boy, do we love running away to Hawkins every once and a while. We’ve gone to the Upside Down Pop-Up Bar that happened in Chicago about a month ago (I wrote about it Here) and while in the bar, we decided we’d try and throw a little viewing party at our apartment for Season 2.

I, of course, went to the mother land to stock up on all of our needs for Stranger Things Party.

I got all the good snacks and decorations. Target actually sells the big Joyce Beyer’s Christmas lights! I was so excited about what I had planned for them. It of course would not be a Stranger Things party without Snack Packs, Eggos, Pizzas, and CapriSuns.

Then, because I’m literally a 6 year old with an apartment, I build a huuuuge blanket fort that took up our entire living room. I put lights all over the place and we had a table for all of our snacks under there too.

10/10 would recommend building a blanket fort all the time.

And of course, the most important thing to have at any Stranger Things party is a replica of Joyce’s wall. For this, I bought the lights from Target, a roll of brown wrapping paper, and black acrylic paint. All together it was like less than $15 to put this guy up (and Kyle let me keep it up for about two weeks after we watched Season 2 lol).

Then I put together the most half-assed Barb costume I could and basked in all of the glory of the wall.

The last little piece I prepared for our party was these 11 inspired cupcakes! Just used confetti cupcake mix and sliced up a toasted eggo to put on top! Woo!!

After finishing Season 2 I was a little sad, so I splurged and got this mug from Etsy and now every morning I can pretend to be Hopper with my coffee.

Now go! Build a blanket fort, warm up the Netflix account, and get your bat with nails ready and melt into the world of Hawkins and the kids!!

Light & Love & Eggos,


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