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About a week ago I celebrated my 25th birthday!
I had rehearsal on the actual day of my birthday, so we celebrated the day before (January 27th).

Kyle and I lovelovelove brunch, so I made reservations at a place we love called The Hampton Social. The Hampton Social has this dope breakfast of fried chicken and house made donuts (with a rosé glaze and lime butter Y’ALL). We went expecting to get orders of that, but were surprised when we got there because it was Chicago Restaurant Week!

Restaurant week is a week in the dead of winter where fancy pants restaurants offer multiple course meals for a set price. So you get to go to restaurants you maybe normally couldn’t afford, or you try new things at a restaurant that you’ve gone to frequently. So we totally jumped on the brunch deal and got a three course meal for $22 each! BIRTHDAY MAGIC!!

After brunch, we went for a walk along the Riverwalk, because it was unseasonably warm! Literally love this part of the city so much. I can’t wait to explore it all spring and summer!

Kyle even managed to get my birthday outfit shot! ….after a few outtakes… lol

Each year on my birthday, I buy myself a dress from ModCloth. This year was no exception! I saw this dress on the site around New Year’s time and I waited and waited and finally caught it on sale! $34! I’m going to wear it whenever I need an extra celebratory boost. It’s SO FUN!!!

We basically walked the entire length of the river walk and then we met up with some pals and went bowling!

We went to Pinstripes bowling downtown and it’s just so much fun. You can order drinks and food while you play! I don’t know why, but bowling is literally the most ridiculous, most fun, silliest thing you can do with your friends. Highly recommend you go with your bffs and play a round.

(Duh. You gotta match your bowling ball to your dress.)

I think the very best part of the day was the early morning–before brunch–when we finally reserved our venue for our wedding! This was the only place we went and walked through and we were obsessed with it. It fits us perfectly and I’m just SO EXCITED about it!!!!!!!

Real happy to be celebrating another year with my person, my friends, and in my favorite place. This has been one of the happiest birthdays I’ve had in a while (not that my other birthdays weren’t great!) because all of the pieces I’ve been lining up for the past two years have finally fallen into place and I just never want to forget how lucky I am to finally have all of it.

I love this place. I love this life. I love 25.

Light & Love & Birthday cake,


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  • Libby

    Emma–what a beautiful story! Thanks for letting us in on this sweet birthday. Every year for my husband’s birthday we invite all of our friends to go bowling with us and, you’re right, it is so fun and silly. I also love your idea to buy yourself ModCloth dresses for your birthday. This one is PERFECT for a b-day. <3

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