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Blogger Brunch at Lil Epic Design!

It was a Wednesday night and I was in my kitchen doing my nightly cleaning/preparing routine when I saw that I had an Instagram message. It was a message from Megan from Lil Epic Design. She invited me to a Blogger Brunch at the Lil Epic Design studio space! Once she broke the ice and gave me a little bit of info about the brunch, I bought my ticket and a floral blazer all in celebration.

I was SO excited. This felt like a big milestone for me! First, I was invited to the Cultures in Contact meet-up as a blogger/Instagram person and now, I had another opportunity to share what I love with new people! Ah! This felt unreal!

When I got to the space, it was, of course, so adorable. The ladies of Lil Epic Design are known for their paper flower walls. (They are an event planning company and they create cute stuff like this for weddings, parties, and showers!) They had this beautiful red and pink one in the entrance of the studio and then this HUGE (so big I couldn’t fit it into the entire picture) white flower wall next to where we were having brunch.

And omg the brunch set up was so damn cute! They had beautiful floral arrangements set on the table, cake gemstones from Altissima (we’ll get to those in a minute), and the most important thing– cute glasses for mimosas!

It’s not a real brunch party unless you have a mimosa bar. Like, c’mon. Duh. Plus! This! Is! So! CUTE!

The ladies also supplied caffeine, waffle, and protein stations throughout the space so we could all create the DREAMIEST brunch that ever existed.

I loved these cute, spring colored mugs. And yes, I deff double fisted a mimosa and some coffee, because I am who I am.

Y’all already know I am Leslie Knope and I had to have a waffle. I was actually super impressed and obsessed with the mini waffle maker they had and I’m probably going to buy myself one soon.

After brunch, what else are you going to do with a room full of bloggers? You’re going to take lots of pictures. The flower wall did not disappoint.

(Yes, this is the celebration floral blazer. From target! And my jeans are from Universal Thread, also from Target! And lemme tell you, Target FINALLY got plus size denim right. These pants fit so well and I’m so happy I can actually AFFORD them wow)

And we even moved the mimosa bar to create more fun photo opportunities which made me HAPPY!

Once some picture taking died down, we all got to meet the woman in charge of Altissima. Her name was Vanessa and she was literally preparing these cake gemstones for us to eat and take home. YES, those beautiful jewel looking things? ACTUALLY CAKE. LIKE REALLY DOPE, RICH, ALMOST FUDGE LIKE CAKE. LIKE WOW. Y’ALL.

There was a really cute flat lay set up by a window and we all got to take some wonderful pictures of these beautiful little babies.

And then we even got to take a little box of them home! These did not survive for very long once I walked through the front door. lol.

But like seriously considering reaching out to Vanessa about my wedding because all of these taste delicious AND they just look so beautiful. Like girlfriend was hand painting these things while we were eating!! Also, TOTALLY go and check out her website/Instagram because she has the most gorgeous pictures of dessert tables she’s done for events. Omg.

As if that weren’t enough, we also got to make little bouquets with No Vases! The entire premise of No Vases is to create bouquets of flowers, with recycled flowers from previous events, and to share them with people you love! Because everyone loves and appreciates the simplicity and happiness that fresh flowers bring.

Hiral, the woman behind No Vases, had an entire wall of real, fresh, spring flowers for us to pick and choose from to create our own little bundles. I completely spaced and didn’t get a very great picture of mine, because I was just too busy admiring it in real life 😉

Finally, on our way out, we not only took our Altissima cakes and No Vases flowers, but we also got a goodie bag of different Kind bars. Kind sponsored the event and gave these to us. I wasn’t like immediately excited about these (because I’m a cliff bar kind of lady) but oh man was I happily surprised by these.

First of all, THEY’RE REALLY GOOD. Like no annoying granola pieces to worry about brushing off of your chest/clothes after one bite! AND the fruit ones have 1 entire serving of fruit for the day! And they actually taste like real fruit! Because they use real fruit! WhAAAAAT?!?!

For a while, I would throw one of the bars into my bag and take it downtown to rehearsal with me and they totally SAVED me on those long show days, or brush up rehearsals for the opera I was in. I’m definitely riding the Kind bar train now.

While the flowers, treats, mimosas, and cute pictures were all wonderful, I think my favorite part was meeting all of the different and diverse women that came to the blogger brunch. Literally ALL of the businesses that came together for this blogger brunch are all run by WOMEN (and more specifically, women of color!). I thought that was the most empowering and special thing about the entire day. These women MADE their own space, MADE their own businesses, and they’re helping other women and people find and make happiness and joy in Chicago (and soon across the country!). When I took a second to realize how damn cool that I was, I couldn’t stop SMILING and I couldn’t stop that grateful feeling from filling up my heart.

Females are strong as hell. 

Light & Love & Brunch with your gal pals,


P.S. I think the Lil Epic Ladies are planning on hosting another Blogger event on March 17th. I’d keep your eyes on their Instagram to hear about the tickets (later this week) and all event details! Especially if you’re a blogger in Chicago. This would be a really great place for you to meet wonderful ladies and connect with other bloggers. And eat lots of dope food and stuff. 🙂

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