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A little party never killed nobody

We did it.
We drug our lifeless and winter beaten bodies out of the godawful snow-hellscape that is February! We did it! While it’s still not technically spring and we’re all still getting SURPRISE snow flurries, I’m so excited to fully embrace March. I’m so ready for longer days and lots of sunshine and maybe not wearing a coat every day.

The beginning of March brought two exciting things into my life. The Oscars and a Gala for my fiancé’s school that he works for! I was so ready to have some new things to celebrate. Even if that just meant having friends over for a viewing party of the Oscars, or planning a flapper outfit for the Gala. These little joys were some much welcomed happiness, post February blues. Plus, they both offered a little glam and red carpet moments into my life. And those things always help a lady feel a little better!

Kyle and I LOVE the Oscars. I’m not exactly sure when this started, but for the past few years we’ve always tried to see a few of the Oscar nominated films together. It’s always kind of fun, because we see the movies and then have big long talks about them and form our own opinions about who should win what and it normally spins off into larger discussions about art and life and it’s one of my favorite aspects about our relationship.

ANYWAY, when we heard the nominations in February, we decided to start getting items together for our bar cart, because it’s a silly little thing that brings us joy in our home. Kyle snagged the green wreath and the little tree from Target for me, just because! We got the “red carpet”, mini awards, and popcorn buckets from Amazon and I bought the banner earlier this spring from Target. All of it was so cute together! But the best item on the cart was the prediction ballots that Kyle made for us (and our guests) to fill out! Kyle even made a stand for them out of red legos. (Like who are you?!?!!?)

We had tried our best to see as many films as possible before the awards ceremony, but you know, life tends to get in the way and schedules pile up and suddenly you find yourself trying to see 7 movies in four days. While we didn’t get to see all of the films, we did go and see The Post downtown! Kyle is big on journalism movies, particularly newspaper oriented ones (working for your school newspaper so passionately can do that to you I guess) and I am really big on Meryl Streep. So we were happy after the movie.

ALSO, I ordered some reusable bamboo straws recently (because I found out plastic straws are SO HORRIBLEEEE for our environment) and I’ve been trying to remember to carry them with me when I go places. I happened to have one on me when we went to the movie and IT WORKED PERFECTLY IN THIS HUUUGEEE CUP! I’m v pleased with them and impressed with how versatile they are! The store where I bought these is currently out of stock, but you can find them here (and for $2 cheaper!) It’s such a simple little solution to try and help the planet out a little!! (And Earth day is coming up people!!!!)

When Sunday finally came around, we filled out our ballots. All together I saw Get OutThe Shape of WaterThree Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Dunkirk. I seriously enjoyed aaaall of the films. I loved Get Out for the discussions it started (and sometime you’ll have to ask me about what happened when I went to see the film with my best friend John. Because it’s HILARIOUS and so perfect.) I loved The Shape of Water for it’s weird, mystical movie magic and how it never asked me as an audience to rationalize, or “logic away” anything that happened in the film. Three Billboards was frustrating, heartbreaking, and incredibly human. Frances McDormand for everything always. And Dunkirk blew my mind. I’ve never seen a more visually beautiful, viscerally terrifying, and innovative kind of film before. The storytelling that Dunkirk accomplishes with minimal dialogue and body language and sound (the goddamn soundtrack has MESSED ME UPPP) is amazing. MOVIES ARE SO COOL!

Y’all know it’s not a party at our place unless there’s a lot, and I mean a lot of food.

And finally, before we watched the awards, we had to make sure our Dinos were dressed appropriately.

10/10 would recommend you watch movies with people you love and talk to them about what you’ve watched. I think one reason Kyle and I love going to the movies so much is that it’s a period of time where we’re focused on one thing together. Our phones are put away, we make the time in our schedules, and we pick out candy and just go. It’s something we’ve always seemed to have done and I love that time together so much.

When the first Avengers movie came out, I was going to go see the movie with some friends and we invited Kyle to go with us. This was before we were dating and I had a big ol’ crush but was keeping it a big ol’ secret. Kyle had already seen it and didn’t want to spend money on tickets again. But you bet your bottom dollar I quickly offered to pay for a pair of tickets so he could come with and sit next to me. The first time we held hands was in a showing of the first Pitch Perfect movie.

Movies are an important aspect of our relationship and I never realized that until right now.
Literally as I was writing this.
They represent a specific time for us to spend together and they result in endless conversations, funny references to one another, and just joy that we share with each other.

Y’all. Go see a movie with someone you love.

Last night, a literal real life Oscar moment happened at the 20th annual Gala for the Catherine Cook School, where Kyle works!

CCS is a private school and this Gala serves as a big fundraiser for the school and for the students. The school itself is literally amazing. I’ve substituted for a few classes there and it’s been nothing short of wonderful. The school offers the students life changing resources, like an Idea lab, complete with sewing machines and a 3-D printer, coding classes, computers and technology, and teachers and staff that are progressive, loving, and really nurturing and passionate about their fields.

All of these things culminate into the most amazing kinds of kids. They’re so aware and smart and accepting and I kind of can’t get over it/feel this big surge of pride and relief when I think about them and the world they’re going to create for themselves.

Kyle was a part of the team that set up and planned this event, which took place at the historic Palmer House in downtown Chicago. This space is drool worthy kind of gorgeous. I’m obsessed with Chicago history and this space is owns one of my favorite stories. This luxury hotel was a literal wedding gift from Palmer to his new wife, Bertha. Bertha filled the hotel with French art and pieces, inspired by her own heritage. The Palmer House is the longest continually operating hotel in the United States. ISN’T THAT SO COOL??!?

My favorite piece in the hotel is the bronze Peacock double doors. The doors were designed by Tiffany and are apparently worth over a million dollars. I’m obsessed.

Also just as obsessed with the food at the Gala. From the salad to the dessert I felt like I was in a movie or a dream or maybe both.

The Gala also had a silent auction and casino games, which were all held in the beautiful Red Lacquer Room of the hotel. This room had hand carved friezes, huge mirrors, and chandeliers that the Palmers picked out together from a trip they took to Austria. I aspire to be that kind of level of extra in my life.

The mirrors were also all throughout the hallways and they served for the perfect outfit selfie taking spaces of the night.

Since the theme was the Roaring 20’s, I wanted to go full out Gatsby and bought a flapper dress from Unique Vintage! I looooooveee this dress and I’m already trying to figure out when and were to wear it again. I did size up in the dress and I’m so GLAD I did. I normally wear like a 20/22, but I purchased this in a size 24 from their site. It fit perfectly, but if I had gone with the size I traditionally wear, I would have been in a bit of trouble.

I paired the dress with strappy wedge heels from Payless and a feather headband from Icing by Claire’s. The pearls were a party favor from the event!

After the Gala, we celebrated with burgers and grapefruit rosé.
We actually got to stay for the night at the Palmer House! Which was definitely a bucket list item for me and wow it was so cool. We’ve definitely spent today resting and napping from the weekend. This Gala was such a big deal and stressor for Kyle and I’m so glad it’s over and that it went so well.

From February blues to stressful work events, we can survive it all. (Even a little glamorously, too.) And with daylight savings starting up again, we’re going to find ourselves back in the sunshine and without a doubt, complaining about the Midwest humidity and heat anytime now. Can’t wait for those summer thunderstorms and for naps directly in front of the window unit air conditioner. We’re almost there! I swear I can feel the flowers budding and sprouting up. It’s so close! We’re so close!!! Just a little while longer, crickets. We’re almost home.

Light & Love,


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