Chicago Diaries

Chicago Diaries: Spring Edition

It was May. May in Chicago is perfection. We made it through a sh*tty winter and anything is possible.- Megan Stielstra, The Wrong Way To Save Your Life

Okay, so it’s not May yet. But we’re close. The buds are sprouting, the sky is brighter, and I can feel the city streets buzz with that hopeful, rejuvenating feeling that only spring brings.

Since this is my first ~*official*~ spring in Chicago, I’ve started keeping lists of things that I want to do before the season is over.
Spring is magic.
Chicago is magic.
What more do you need?

I’ve written a Spring Adventure list of all sorts of things I want to do and experience in the city as it thaws out of its winter sleep.

Chicago Spring Adventure List

1. Plant a window garden
2. Go to the Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier
3. Go to the Vintage Garage Sale in Uptown
4. Walk through Graceland Cemetary
5. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers from Flowers for Dreams
6. Explore an Art Museum on a rainy spring day
7. Admire the Flower Show at Macy’s
8. Grab a taco and margarita from Cesars (Home of the Killer Margarita)
9. Spend an afternoon drinking a beer and playing games at Replay (an arcade bar)
10. Spring clean and refresh my home

So far, I’ve done the things in bold!

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I went to the Flower & Garden show at Navy Pier and it was so COOL. I was honestly not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did and I’m planning a separate blog post for it, because I have wayyy too many wonderful pictures of flowers to share right here.

Since it’s starting to warm up outside, we went for a little stroll through Graceland Cemetery.
Everything there is peaceful and somehow quiet, even though it’s surrounded by busy streets.
(We even saw a freaking COYOTE when we were walking!!!!!)

The cemetery itself is full of beautiful obelisks and statues and interesting resting places, some of which hold the remains of men and women who helped form and build Chicago into a thriving place.

After a year of trying to finish it, I finally finished¬†Devil in the White City and I was of course interested in seeing the resting places of Burnham (who was the head architect of building and planning the World’s Columbian Exposition that Chicago hosted in 1893) and Palmer (of the Palmer House!). Reading the book almost felt like I was reading something of myth or an urban legend.

A place that magnificent and huge once existed in Chicago?!?!? Huge white buildings that housed tribes of people and recreations of foreign city streets. A place that brought the Ferris Wheel, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, Spray Paint, the Zipper, Cracker Jacks, and Wrigley Gum all into the world. Helen Keller and Susan B. Anthony attended the Columbian Exposition. Walt Disney’s father helped to build the buildings, which with out a doubt inspired the extravagant ways he built his parks. The Columbian Exposition was so important to the development and growth of Chicago as a city. More importantly, a city that could succeed.

It felt only right to visit Burnham’s grave (which is on a little island in a pond!) as well as Palmer’s resting place, literally right across the pond.

We’ve started to bring Spring into our home with an updated bar cart (check dat yellow peep tho). I think we’ve come to the conclusion that our bar cart themes are basically just ways for us to hide candy in plain sight (that huge golden egg holds 2 bags of Dove Chocolates and a bag of Airheads, just for your information…and for science..).

And Duh, I’ve been on a huuuge fresh flower kick lately.
I picked these beautiful pink bbs up from Whole Foods and I was so in looveeee with all of the flowers they had in buckets in the floral section ugh!

Other than these little things, Kyle and I have been going on walks through our neighborhood because we live literally 15 minutes away from the Lake. We are so excited for it to warm up a liiiiittle bit more (like 20 degrees more lol) so that we can walk there and just read books and breathe and soak up all of the Vitamin D we’ve been missing out on this past winter.


Just a few more weeks and it’ll be skirt-with-no-tights season and I know we’re all so ready for it.
I can’t wait to soak up every little sunbeam that Spring and Summer in Chicago offer.

What are y’all looking forward to doing this spring? What new thing are you going to explore or check out in your town? What trip are you planning? Do you have any springtime traditions? Let me know what you love most about spring! Sharing is caring and sharing about springtime and flowers and sunshine is literally like a hug for the soul.
So good, so warm, so loving.

Sending a big ol’ springtime hug your way, crickets.

Light & Love,


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