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Unique Vintage Bathing Suits!

If I could go back in time and tell 13 year old me that one day, a clothing company would message me on a social media site, offering to send me free bathing suits all in the name of celebrating my body and the beginning of summer, I would have probably laughed and cried.
Laughed because it would have sounded like a dream and cried because it would have sounded like a sick joke.

But oh man, little Emma.
It’s true.
It happened.

For all of my life, I have been told that in order to accomplish the things I want in life, I had to lose weight.

If I wanted to be successful, I had to lose weight.
If I wanted a boyfriend, I had to lose weight.
If I wanted to be beautiful, I had to lose weight.
If I wanted to be happy, I had to lose weight.

Other people told me I had to lose weight in order to be happier and to live a better life.
No one ever suggested that I could find happiness all on my own. I came to that decision and realization in college.
All on my own.

I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life worrying about being thin and losing weight. A lot of time that I could have been using helping people, loving myself, reading a damn book, laughing, exploring a new place, or discovering something new about myself.

I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life hiding myself.

The very thought of wearing a bathing suit made me feel uncomfortable. I’ve worn swimming dresses for all of my life.
Swimsuits that were meant for 30 year old women, things that were modest and cute, but not for people my own age.
I wore them because they covered my most insecure parts, my stomach and my thighs. I wore them because they hid my body behind larger cuts of cloth.

When I stopped hiding myself and started loving myself, I discovered new joys, new bravery, and new forms of happiness.

I have not lost weight and I’ve graduated from a highly competitive, rigorous, graduate school.
I have not lost weight and I’ve met the love of my life and we’re getting married next year.
I have not lost weight and I love the way my face looks in the golden hour sunlight and how my legs look in wedge heels.

I have not lost weight and I’m the happiest I have ever been in my life.

And even if somewhere down the line of my life, I do lose weight, it will not hinge upon my happiness or self worth.
I am worthy right now.
I am beautiful right now.
And I look pretty b*tchin’ in these Unique Vintage Swimsuits.

Bahama Mama 

I was SUPER pumped when I put this guy on for the first time. I love the tropical print, the off the shoulder ties, and the cut of the bottom part of the suit!

I feel secure and covered, but also a lil’ sexy in this. Like a 1945 vintage glam Hollywood actress on vacation on some private island, you know, casual stuff.

I also think this would look cute underneath a pair of shorts or like a maxi skirt? Like am I crazy? I don’t care, because I’m totally gonna do it.

AAAAND, I think my butt looks pretty cute in this suit.

Also! Thought this suit paired perfectly with our new copper pineapple drink shaker! We snagged it from Marshall’s (it came with little pineapple shot glasses too!)

I can’t find the link for the set from Marshall’s but here’s one from Sears and it’s exactly the same!

Go live your best Vintage Hollywood Glam Extra AF Life!!

You can find this swimsuit here!

Let’s Flamingle

I’ve recently discovered that I freaking LOVE flamingos.
They’re so cute and bright and summer and I love them.

I love the cut of these high waisted bottoms, but I’m not so crazy about the bikini tie top. I don’t really feel a whole lot of support for the girls with this top (and I tied it a little too tight and it hurt my neck to wear it, even for the brief period it took to take these pictures).

I think maybe, if I can get my hands on it, I’ll pair the flamingo bottoms with this top from Torrid! And I think it’ll work out much better and I’ll feel more comfortable!


I’m LIIIIIVINGGGG for the bright colors of the suit! I decided to pair it with a kimono I got for Christmas a few years ago. It’s from Maurice’s!

And lol, I got this little flamingo coaster/pool float from work! It’s from Schilling Hard Cider (which are really great!!!! Check ’em out!).

Also, Miaow is my favorite beer of the moment. (I’m a beer person now?!?!?!?!)

This swimsuit is sold out on their site, but I found another cute one with flamingos here!

Americana Babe

Out of the three suits, THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!

I love the colors, the top is so supportive, soft, and cute! And the bottoms are full coverage, high waisted, and have little anchor buttons on them!!

I can’t wait to wear this on the 4th of July and eat a hot dog and a bomb pop and light off waaayyy too many sparklers.


Always find a suit that makes you feel like a mega babe, ok??? You deserve it.

You can find this swimsuit here:

But really y’all, Unique Vintage is an amazing clothing company and I love purchasing things from them.

I have a skirt, two shirts, a flapper dress, and now these three suits! Their clothing is so fun and inclusive and I just love them a whole lot.

If you’re in the market for a new swimsuit or whatever, give them a little look!

And when you’re going swimsuit shopping this season, or even when you’re stepping out in your swimsuit for the first time this summer, remember, remember, remember, that you are worthy in the body that you have right now.
You are beautiful right now.

And if you ever need someone to remind you of that, you know where to find me.

Light & Love,


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