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Chicago Diaries: Spring Edition #2

Okay, SO I am sure y’all are just as sick as I am of the back and forth weather and the eternal wait for that sweet spot of warmth and breeze that only spring can bring so here’s what we’re going to do.
We’re just going to keep going.
We’re gonna keep going on with our Spring Adventure List, as if it REALLY FELT like spring outside and we’re going to maybe still dress a little warmly, but we’re gonna carry spring in our hearts, DAMMIT! UGH.
Because maybe if we live our lives like we want to, the Universe and mother nature will just eventually catch the heck up.
Or at least that’s what we’re going to hope for.
(lol *insert hope springs eternal joke here*)


Chicago Spring Adventure List

1. Plant a window garden
2. Go to the Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier
3. Go to the Vintage Garage Sale in Uptown
4. Walk through Graceland Cemetary
5. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers from Flowers for Dreams
6. Explore an Art Museum on a rainy spring day
7. Admire the Flower Show at Macy’s
8. Grab a taco and margarita from Cesars (Home of the Killer Margarita)
9. Spend an afternoon drinking a beer and playing games at Replay (an arcade bar)
10. Spring clean and refresh my home

Previously, on Emma’s Spring Chicago Adventures we talked about my Spring Adventure List™ and all of the spring dreams that I have now that I’m finally a Chicago resident.

I’ve crossed off another two things on the list!
And missed one event on the list (womp womp).
But that’s okay!
I’ve got an entire lifetime of discovering and exploring this city in the spring. I’m in no rush to do it all at once.
(Sorry Macy’s Flower Show! Next year!!)

When Kyle and I got back from Easter, we bought a bunch of seeds and different potting tools and gadgets and things so we could start planting our very own window garden!

We got seeds for a little herb garden complete with Cilantro, Dill, Oregano, and Chives. We’re trying to grow a big pot of Cat grass (for Oliver, because he kills that stuff), we have a cute lil blue bucket for some mint, and another larger pot for a lil’ bb pepper plant!

The night we got home, we were so excited and we just decided to plant everything that night.
So on the floor of our precious little living room, with bags of soil, seeds, and kitty cat paws and noses nudging the packages and inspecting our work, we planted our stuff.
It was really sweet and we r so presh, I know.

When we went to BIG R to snag some more seeds, I found this lil’ figurine that reminded me of Oliver, so he going to live in the pot with the cat grass, once it starts growing.

I thought the hardest part would be keeping these plants alive, but honestly the hardest part has been exercising enough patience to wait for them to grow! It’s been literally so exciting to come home each day and find some new sprout above the dirt. It feels really cool! Like, we’re growing stuff!!

I also bought about 4 packets of sunflower seeds, because we’re hoping to fix up a curbside “garden” area outside of our apartment. I’ll deff keep y’all updated when we do it, because I think it will definitely brighten up our little curb of the neighborhood and we’re like super jazzed about it. We’re just waiting for the weather to figure it’s sh*t out and warm up a little bit. (And we’re keeping all of our little growing plant babies inside until it warms up too. Then we’re hoping to get them out on a little window balcony that we have!)

But we’re definitely having plant fever over here on Greenview.
I seem to always be picking up new plants, but I guess there are worse obsessions to have.
AAAaaaaand, they just look so cute in our windows!

Other than our newfound love of plants and apartment gardening, Kyle and I have been trying to make more time for our friends this season. The winter has this horrible way of making everything seem a lot more difficult than it really is. Like going out with your friends to a party, or for a drink can feel like a literal marathon run in the snow. We were pretty much hibernating for a really long time, but we’re trying to reach out more and actually be human beings and go out to do fun stuff with people we love.

And we did that last weekend!

We went with some friends to Replay in Lincoln Park. Replay is an arcade bar with free pinball and video games. It’s v dope and they have another version, a “family” version in Andersonville, near where we live. After going to the bar, I’m really hoping to take my brother to the one in Andersonville this summer because he’d love itttttt.

Anyway, the place was in a huge building, like a warehouse.
The drinks were cheap and the games were fun.

(P.S. the beer below is one that I’m probs gonna drink all summer long. Super creamy & light & fresh with the raspberry. Perf for anyone who doesn’t really like beer a lot, but still wants to be a part of the funnn)

The decor was a perfect balance of completely absurd, nerdy, and kind of weird?

And even though the bathrooms were kind of gross, they had this kind of cute? wallpaper on it (peep it Murderinos!) and a full length mirror that let me show off my new top from Loft!

10/10 would go back to Replay again. It was so cheap! I spent like $10 on drinks. That’s it. And we played games for free for a few hours. DOPE.

And of course this wouldn’t be a spring or Emma kind of a blog post if there wasn’t some flower spam.

We went for a walk around our neighborhood earlier this week and peeped in our local floral shop and it smelled so wonderful in there and all of their plants and flowers looked amazing. So, I might change one of my Adventures to buying a bouquet from this local shop. Because I love my neighborhood and it’s closer to me and duhhhh.

Our walks of course take us towards the water and uuggghhhhhh I constantly catch myself daydreaming about summer Sundays spent at the lake.

We’ve got it all planned out. We’ll grab our New York Times paper, head to the Farmer’s market on Glenwood Ave, snag some fresh peaches and bread, and then go to the beach and read the paper together with the lake and the sand and are you also kind of crying at how perfect that sounds? Oh? YEAH ME TOO.

Light & Love & Deep Breaths It’s ALMOST Spring For REAL,


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