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Go Cubs Go!

I’m finally a true, red-blooded Chicagoan.
I went to my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

Like any 90’s baby, I’ve kind of had a little obsession with baseball since The Sandlot. There was even a period of time when I was in middle school that I watched baseball games on television (Cubs games) because I wanted to see if the prediction in Back to the Future II was true. And while I was in Rochester for graduate school, I kept up with my Cubbies. Kyle and I would talk about the games that had happened and I even managed to force my friends in Rochester to watch a livestream of the final game of the World Series. All the way in Rochester, NY I watched my little underdog, team-that-could finally win the whole damn thing.

The Cubs were really the last great American Sports story.
The story of the team finally breaking the “curse” and winning the World Series is so perfectly Midwest.
It’s right up there with “Ope” and Ranch.
It’s something all of us claim as our own win. It’s not just the teams win, but it’s ours.

So basically when I found out that Kyle had gotten us tickets I was PUMPED.
Peanuts and cracker jacks and jerseys and beer and hot dogs and Chicago YES PLS.

I am who I am and I planned an outfit for the occasion accordingly.
I love the Cubbie blue color and opted for a matching eyeliner that coordinated with the jersey that I borrowed from my fiancé.
(It’s a Rizzo jersey!)

Before we headed to Wrigley for the game, I sweet talked Kyle into finding Heritage Outpost on Lincoln Ave so I could get my picture of this BEAUTIFUL mural they painted after the Cubs won the World Series in 2016.
It was hot af outside, but we made it and I wanna go back!
This part of the neighborhood was so CUTE and this coffee shop was so cute and have I mentioned lately how much I love Chicago?!?!

Before we headed to the stadium we snagged some cold drinks from Heritage.
Kyle got a Mexican Coke and I got a lavender lemonade. 10/10.

After we got our drinks we were able to WALK to Wrigley Field!

While I’ve been around Wrigley for different things (the Christkindlmarket and concerts) I’ve never actually been around for a game before and HOLY CRAP it’s CRAZY!

There are vendors and street tents set up with shirts, merch, peanuts, water bottles, and anything else Cubs related you could think of –all lining the streets outside of the stadium.

It’s busy and loud and electric.

One second you’re buying a big bag of peanuts and trying to cross the street and you look up and you’re met with this view:

Then you walk inside and you see THIS view:

Once I caught my breath (literally and figuratively. There are A LOT of ramps to the very top of the stadium. DAMN.) We HAD to get hotdogs and beer. Because DUH.

And even though the 312 (the beer) is overpriced and poured directly from the can into your cup, I swear it tastes better when looking out onto that diamond.

And we of course had peanuts to snack on/make a huge mess with for the entirety of the game too.

In all seriousness, there was such an electrifying feeling in that place.
Like during the National Anthem, hearing and literally feeling the stadium erupt into cheering during “the home of the brave”. 
Or everyone standing up and singing “Take me out to the ballgame” during the 7th inning.
Or the cheering and excited clapping that happened when Rizzo finally got a hit during the game.
Being there and watching the game just fills you with a pride and a sweet nostalgia.
Yeah, you’ve got phones and TV screens all around you, but everyone there in that stadium, at that moment, is there to enjoy a hotdog with someone they like to spend time with, and watch their team play an innocent game of baseball.
There’s something so sweet and pure about all of it.
Something kind of magical.

I can’t wait to go back.

Light & Love & Chicago Dogs,


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