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Princess of Genovia (for the day)

A few weeks ago, I got a magical little email in my inbox.

Someone at Eleven60 had found my instagram page and wanted to work out a partnership/ambassador deal with me for the clothing company. I looked them up, found their social media pages and their website and I WAS PUMPED.

First of all, Eleven60 is founded by Kierra Sheard who is a singer and a woman of color. The designs are BEAUTIFUL, a little funky and eclectic, bold, and a whole lot of fun. I love how unique the pieces are and they definitely pushed me to try styling things in different ways and I’m excited to purchase more pieces from them and to continue working with a company like this that values inclusivity (in both sizes of clothing and the shapes and colors of women that model the clothing).

Eleven60 sent me two pieces to start off with and this post is dedicated to the absolutely beautiful and whimsical dress called “Naturally Nude”. When I first saw this dress, I was drawn to the embroidered details, the floral pattern (I am who I am), and the flouncy skirt.

This rooftop served as the perfect little backdrop to show off the floral and earthy elements of this dress! Such a full and flouncy skirt! Perfect for Princess Twirls™!

And hair flips!

I just love how the floral embroidery really pops against the greenery outside! So fun!

This dress made me feel so sassy and elegant! It would be the perfect dress for special work events, holidays (lookin’ at you Easter!), or even for all of us Opera Singers for auditions!

I was also obsessed with how functional this dress was. Normally dresses like this are uncomfortable or itchy, but not this one! It was so comfortable and I had plenty of arm/shoulder room (something I struggle with in dresses like this).

The entire reason I started this blog and my self-love journey was to celebrate my joys.
Clothing like this dress brings me a lot of joy.
It makes me feel comfortable, stylish, and beautiful.
It doesn’t make me feel like I’m hiding myself or my body.
Finding pieces and clothing companies like Eleven60 is something I am so excited about, because 14 year old me thought it was nothing but beige sacks for the rest of my life.
14 year old me thought fashion and clothing were not things I could be interested in or excited about.

I am so, so happy that clothing like this exists for plus size women like me.
Clothing that allows me to feel supported, covered, but sexy and elegant.
Dresses that make you feel like Princess Mia (post Paolo transformation) are worth investing in!
You are worth investing in!

Like I said previously, I am so excited to be working with Eleven60.
I’m so excited to share the other piece they sent me with y’all next week!

You can purchase the dress pictured HERE!
And while you’re there, check out the rest of the pieces from Eleven60.
So many cool pieces!!

Light & Love,

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