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Wish You Were Here

Hello Crickets!

Are y’all soaking up every little bit of sunshine this summer?
Hope you’ve had lots of popsicles and watermelon and summertime naps in hammocks.

I am by nature, an Autumnal oriented person.
I bloom in Autumn.
I love the crisp leaves, cool air, and layered clothing.
Continuing with my partnership with Eleven60, I was struck by this funky, black sheer top that layers over a silk tank top.
I was struck by it because it totally fits all of my ~witchy~ autumnal aesthetic.

My typical style is kind of like a cross between a young toddler and an old lady (lol). I normally live for floral or novelty prints, bold colors, and flirty, twirly skirts.
This top was something different for me.
It’s a little more structured with ruffled shoulder pieces, a kind of bell sleeve at the cuffs, and of course the polka dots and ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves and shirt itself.

With a statement piece like this, you want to let it do the talking!
I paired it with a simple pair of bluejeans and kept everything else minimal.

And of course it really¬†popped against this bubblegum pink wall with the most perfect lil’ neon sign.

This top would be perffff for any Halloween/Autumnal gathering this season. It’s elegant and sophisticated (like all Eleven60 pieces) and could easily be worn like I did here with jeans, or with a pencil skirt for fancy work functions or parties!

This particular piece comes with the option of a black silk tank top or an oyster pink tank top for layering. I chose black because I like how this top looks with black on black, howeverrrrr it is SOOO cute with the pink tank as well! Which makes this a flexible purchase if all black isn’t your thing.

I opted for a 3X in this top, but I totally could have sized down to a 2X.
I had so much room in the arms and shoulders! Which is such a problem I tend to have with blouses and tops that I buy! It seems that some designers and clothing labels don’t take into consideration¬†all¬†parts of a plus size body when creating clothing and it’s been SO refreshing to be surprised and excited that the Eleven60 pieces I’ve tried have all worked out beautifully and fit my body as it is right now.

I say it every year.
And I’ll say it again.
Summer is so great!
But Fall is better.

Yeaaahhh it’s July 19th, but I’m ready for October skies, pumpkins, and spoopy stuff.

Until then, I’ll be cranking my air conditioner, lighting my pumpkin waffle candles, and lounging in this top pretending to be Willow Rosenberg from my couch with my two black cats.

If you’re daydreaming of Fall, like me, you can find this top Here!

Light & Love & Autumnal Wishes,


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