Makeup is Self-love

I have slowly, begrudgingly, and painfully come to accept that mornings are the best time of day.
I am by no means a morning person, however, I find that my days are 100% better when I wake up early, make time for myself, and set my day up to be a successful one by taking care of myself.

When I take time to eat breakfast, rather than just guzzle coffee, I feel much more prepared to take on my day.
When I take time to make my bed in the morning, I feel more productive and accomplished.
When I take time to do my makeup, I get an hour or less to just breathe and create and leave my front door feeling more confident and powerful. (not that I am not those things when I do not wear makeup!)

Makeup is a form of my self-care and self-love.
It’s a quiet ritual time that I spend with myself.

While I am by no means a ~beauty blogger~ I am v proud of myself and my makeup journey.
I have my own routine that I love to do for myself, I’ve found my perfect shade of red lipstick, and I know how to shape and sculpt my brows (even though I’ve never plucked them before??).

Ask any femme and they will tell you that trying new makeup products out is one of the purest joys they have in life.
AAAALL of this to say, while I was excited and so so pleased with the skincare that Root sent my way, I was really stoked to give some of their makeup a try.

And whoa man, the things they sent were the perfect end of summer products.


During the hot, sweaty summer months, I don’t like wearing a full face of foundation.
I end up sweating it off, or wiping it off midday and it makes me feel greasy and icky.
*Cue entrance of the Pretty Booster*
This stuff has seriously revolutionized my summer makeup game.
It offers a light coverage without feeling heavy.
And! Now that it’s starting to cool off, I’m using it like a primer, underneath my foundation and it makes the application of my foundation so much smoother and easier and makes my foundation last longer? Like?? Magic???

To apply this I just put two pumps on the back of my hand and then use my hands to rub it into my face.
Super easyyyy!!

You can snag the Pretty Booster here for $22!

Are you ready for your life to change?
Because mine has since I started using this mascara.
I LIVE for this formula and the way this mascara works for my lashes.
Sometimes, mascaras end up making my eyes burn? And it’s very unpleasant and I hate it.
This one doesn’t burn my eyes! And it holds a curl for quite a while!!
I have very straight lashes, so the only way I can get them to curl is to actually curl them and then apply a mascara.
Sometimes after I do that, some mascara formulas can be too heavy and I’ll lose my curl before the end of the day.

This mascara has saved me from all of that and I seriously am in love with it.

You can get the mascara here for $14!


Root has an extensive collection of mineral eyeshadows and blushes and the two that they sent me were pure dreams.

For a mineral powder formula, these went on creamy and smooth and were SUPER pigmented.
I actually ended up putting too much blush on at first, but I was able to blend it out.
Once I blended both the eyeshadow and the blush out, the offered a nice and subtle color to my eyes and cheeks.
Also, these are super versatile shades.
Sadie is Root’s best selling blush and it offers a peachy, soft pink shade that’s perfect for summer and into the early fall months.
Jasmine is suuuuchhh a dope color too. In certain light it looks rose gold, in others its a golden brown-it’s just so fun and perfect for all times of year.

Seriously pumped that Root offers the opportunity to purchase samples like this, because then I can try multiple different shades to see which ones I love the most (and not break my bank account lol).

You can get the Jasmine Trial size eyeshadow here for $3!
You can get the Sadie Trial Size Blush here for $3! 

Then to round everything out, Root sent me one of their Pretty Glosses, “Emma”. (Duh, lol)
I’m not normally into gloss, but I really like this one!

It smells like vanilla, isn’t too sticky, and gives my lips a natural tint with a slight shine.

(I think the trick I learned with gloss is to not over apply the product.)

You can get the Emma Pretty Gloss here for $16! 

Aaaaaand finally, this was my face using the above Root products.
These images aren’t filtered, so you can see how the Pretty Booster gives a light coverage, the natural You-just-caught-me-in-a-laughing-fit shade of blush from Sadie, the pretty golden shimmery eyeshadow of Jasmine, the subtle Pretty Gloss, and the perfffffff mascara.

All of these things together created a sort of Sun-kissed, glowy goddess kind of feeling and I’m HERE FOR IT.

Light & Love,


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