Wash Your Face & Love Yourself

A few weeks ago, Root reached out to me about a possible collaboration project.
I did a lil’ research and was stoked that they wanted to work with me!
Root is a women owned and operated beauty company that prides themselves on creating natural, cruelty and paraben free products.
They also offer affordable prices for their products, which y’all already know I’m about and love.

They ended up sending me their Fresh Lavender skincare products and some of their makeup!
For this post I’m going to focus on their Fresh Lavender skincare line as well as a surprise product that they sent to me.

So, the week after Root sent me a lovely little pink package, life decided to fall out from under my feet.

School started, work began piling up, surprise bills showed up in the mailbox, family issues exploded, and my chest began to do that thing where it gets tight and heavy and I feel like I’m walking through molasses trying to get everything done and make everyone happy and then still feeling exhausted and unfulfilled at the end of the day.

I could feel the stress and anxiety in my body and in my mind and I needed to remind myself to just
B R E A T H E.

When life gets like this for me, the things that ground me the most are my self-love rituals.
I know people make fun of self-care that consists of face masks and baths, but for me those kinds of self-care acts are the most fulfilling and satisfying.
They are moments where I am actively taking time for myself and actively treating myself gently.

However, sometimes I do not have time to sit in a warm bath for an hour or I just don’t have the energy to put on a face mask. What I’ve tried my best to do is to create little pockets of time during my daily life that allows me to feel pampered and special.

That’s where these products came into play in a big way for me.
This particular line of skincare products made my skin feel great and offered me the relaxing, wonderful smell of fresh lavender. So even when I woke up feeling stressed, or went to bed with a heavy heart, I took the time to wash my face. To do something so simple as washing my face seems a little silly, but when you’re overwhelmed doing little things like that help structure your day in a way that feels controlled, manageable, and productive.

Plus, using these three products created a simple and quick routine that I never had to think about or stress over.
It’s just a simple routine and a simple way for me to take care of myself and to make a little time for myself.
It helps more than you’d imagine!

The first step in my current routine is using the Fresh Lavender Exfoliating & Moisturizing Cleanser.
Y’all, again, this smells so nice!
Sometimes face washes or skincare products in general give me headaches from v strong scents, but this is nice and light and makes me feel fresh af.

My favorite thing about this cleanser is that it offers a gentle exfoliation for your face.
I have a few cleansers that have very, very harsh exfoliating beads and they literally tear my face up.
I’ve learned that I have sensitive skin and harsh exfoliation actually causes more acne for me and no body wants that.
This has been such a wonderful change of pace for my skin, because it leaves it clean, smelling so nice, and feeling healthy and glowy and yay!

You can purchase the trial size of the cleaner here! It’s only $7!

Step Two is the Fresh Lavender Toner!

Did y’all know that the point of a toner is to moisturize and hydrate your skin?!?
When I first heard this, it made my head explode.
I am definitely a product of the alcohol, astringent, better-not-get-it-in-your-eye-or-you’ll-go-blind toner generation.
I was used to skin toners burning, making my skin feel tight, and ultimately not being a pleasant experience, or really helping with the health of my skin (read: acne).

However, we are all in luck and apparently there is an entire new generation of skin toners that help your skin stay hydrated, moisturized, and clean!
And this one is one of those good ones!!

Again, smells so dope and feels so nice on my skin.
I apply this one by just pouring a small amount onto a cotton pad and massaging it into my skin and then I maybe brush my teeth or something while I let the product soak into my pores.

I’ve also used this toner in the middle of the day as a pick-me-up moment.
I don’t wear a lot of makeup during the summer months because it’s sweaty everywhere so sometimes, in the afternoon I just use the toner to freshen my face and skin up in the middle of the day.
Literally such a wonderful feelinggggggg!

You can purchase the trial size of the Lavender Toner here! It’s only $10!

Then, to round out my three step routine, I use the Fresh Lavender Moisturizer.

Because my skin is both sensitive AND oily this little guy is a literal gift from sweet baby Jesus.

The formula is light and not greasy AT ALL.
That is my number one pet peeve with some moisturizers.
I can feel if a moisturizer is too heavy, or is literally clogging my pores and that is THE WORST feeling to have (especially at those tender moments of your day when you’re either just starting your morning, or getting ready to shove your face into your pillow and snore).
This moisturizer has been so hydrating and feels amazing straight out of the fridge onto your skin.

ProTip: Don’t forget to moisturize your neck! Because that skin needs some love too! And it feels nice.

You can snag the trial size of the moisturizer here! It’s only $7!  

Ok but in all seriousness, this blog post is in collaboration with the Root company….but I seriously love these skincare products.
Like love so much I’m probably going to purchase full sized products of this line with my very own cash lol.
Also, seriously love that they sell these trial size/travel size products, because they are affordable and they allow you to be adventurous and find what works best for you.
No other company does that.
And it’s SO COOL that Root offers this kind of option for their customers.

So, not only did Root send me the Fresh Lavender skincare stuff, they also made sure to add in the Beauty Sleep Serum too!

I have also had an education on facial serums.
I have never used a serum consistently, in any capacity, in my beauty routine.
Apparently, they are used as a deeper moisturizer and they can help with wrinkles, blemishes, and even the texture of your skin.

Because I have oily skin, I don’t really enjoy the feeling of a serum on my skin.
So I use this serum in other ways!
I’ve been using this particular one on my nails and on the ends of my hair!

I use it pretty much every morning on my nails and I only use it on the ends of my hair maybe one or twice a week after I’ve showered.
The Beauty Sleep Serum is packed with a bunch of great things, but my favorite thing is that it holds Sunflower Seed Oil, which is a great source of vitamin E–and Vitamin E helps promote regrowth! For strong nails and hair!!

I think I’ve definitely seen a difference in my nails.
My nails sometimes flake and get weak (especially when I don’t hydrate like I should ughhh).
This serum has helped them stay stronger and I haven’t had a breakage in about two weeks since I started using this.

Plus, it comes in a cute lil’ bottle with a little dropper to help place the product and using it makes me feel kind of like a scientist or something cheesy and dorky like that.

You can snag the Beauty Sleep Serum here! It’s $18!

I’ve loved using all of the products that Root sent me!
And I’m excited to share the other products that they sent to me with y’all soon.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some reasonably priced, wonderful smelling, women owned, natural, and fresh af beauty products, check out Root. It’ll be worth it. Promise.

I, of course have a link Here if you’d like to check out what they have and place an order with them.
If you get any of their other things, let me know what you think!

I’m really interested in their peppermint mud mask and the coconut micellar water.
I think those might be my next purchases.

Hope you’re breathing and washing your faces and taking care of yourselves, in any way you can.

Light & Love,


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