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Happy New Year, Crickets!

2019 has started off with a spark and I’m excited by that fresh New Year smell in the air.

Every year I try to write a post about the things I do to prepare for the New Year because I liiiive for a fresh start kind of moment. I buy a new planner, set new goals for myself, Kyle and I clean like our home is going to be inspected by Mary Poppins herself and then we throw a party and all our hard work gets covered in confetti.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

We threw our NYE party again this year and it was again, SO much fun! This year was full of so much laughter, glittery jumpsuits, and two too many tequila shots. (Woof.)

My jumpsuit is from Eloquii and I literally LUCKED TF OUT with it! I was looking all of December for an outfit and NO PLACE had ANYTHING that I liked or was excited about. One day, Kyle was looking and found this on Eloquii AND it was on super sale. Literal dream destiny wow. Also, it felt like pajamas, it has pockets, and I looked like a real life Oscar trophy all night. Unbelievably. In. Love. With. This. Jumpsuit.

I love throwing this party every year. It’s so joyful and fun for us to share our home with our friends!
And we even ended this year just like last year, all of us around the piano (drunkenly) singing Auld Lang Syne.
I love that memory so much.
I’ll hold it in my heart all year.

New Year’s Day was spent doing A LOT of the above.
Hangovers are NO JOKE and WOW did I earn the one I had after our party!
We spent the day after the party not moving and sleeping and then eating pizza and watching Crazy Rich Asians. (Yes, we loved it SO MUCH!)

When the hangover finally went away (the next day lol) I cracked open my new cookbook/life book/inspo book called Whiskey In a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon.
I made collard greens, hoppin’ john (black eyed peas & rice), and corn bread. It was the first time I’ve made ANY of these things and everything ended up being DELICIOUS and I was v proud of myself! I’ve always loved to bake, but cooking has never been where I’ve felt comfortable. I’m going to try and make more things from this book this year, because I feel inspired by it! (And I’ve already made the applesauce cake too!)

This year, Kyle and I are also trying to up our water intake. We’ve recently been obsessed with slicing citrus fruits and infusing it in a pitcher of water. We fill it in the morning and drink it through the day and it’s a really great addition to our mornings and days!

And as y’all know, I would never cut down on my coffee intake.
Especially now that I have THE PERFECT lil’ dinosaur print above our coffee station, courtesy of my BFF John. 🙂

This year, one of my goals is to create more things with my hands. I love to knit and taught myself in high school. This year, I wanted to learn how to crochet. I spent some of my Christmas money on some yarn and a few crochet hooks and I taught myself and created these two lil’ cactus bbs in two weeks! I’m so proud! I want to keep up with it and see all of what I can create this year.
Hats, cactuses, and blankets! Ah!

Also, crocheting and knitting have helped me stay off of my phone and they’ve helped with my anxiety. At night, after work, Kyle and I watch TV episodes off of Netflix or Hulu together and I knit or crochet while we watch. It’s been really nice to be able to listen to the episode and feel more present with Kyle, rather than scrolling through my phone, reading something on Twitter that will inevitably upset me. I spend our evenings laughing at old episodes of Parks & Recreation or Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I focus on my little projects. Then I get something cute when I’m done!

Another thing that helps my anxiety is having a planner and a calendar.
I use both to plan out my time and schedules.

Last year, Kyle’s mom got us a National Parks Calendar that we hung up in our kitchen. It was a way for me to write out certain things that were in my schedule that I wanted Kyle to know about, like my work schedule, or if I had recitals or performances coming up. And Kyle would do the same with work events and meetings.

Kyle and I have always talked about getting prints of the posters of the National Parks and framing them in our dining room. This calendar was a no brainer! And in a hilarious twist of fate, Kyle’s Mom actually got us another calendar that came after I bought this one, so Kyle is taking this one to work.

However, at the end of the year I want to find some frames for some of these “posters” in the calendar, because they’re so COOL!

Planners are my addiction.
I have had every kind.
Bullet journals, Katie Daisy’s planner off of etsy, Barnes & Noble planners, SO MANY!
This year, I decided to go back to the Passion Planner and honestly, I don’t know why I ever tried anything else. It’s so perfect for me and my current lifestyle. I love how organized it makes me feel and how much it helps me plan out my days (HELLO half hour breakdowns in the weekly layout!!)

And this new version of the Passion Planner has blank and graph paper which allows me to add in some “bullet journal-esque” pages, like Books I want to read in 2019, a page for my 2019 goals, and a wedding timeline.

ALSO ALSO, this particular planner has a portion of proceeds going to Ocean protection charities and that makes me HAPPY!

Lastly, your girl is trying to cultivate a greener thumb this year.
I have a good track record of having plants and trying to take really good care of them, but they die anyway.
In 2018 I finally had to say goodbye to my Aloe and Jade plants after a traumatic repotting mistake that ruined their roots and killed the plants (v sad). I recently bought a zebra plant from a local nursery, but it’s a very sensitive plant that actually burns if it gets too much direct sunlight and the leaves drop if the plant gets even a little dry. I’m trying to nurse it back to it’s former glory (the above) but I’m not sure right now if he’ll make it!
I am sure, however, that I can grow cat grass.
Santa (lol) bought the cats this cute lil’ mug that came with seeds and soil to grow our own cat grass. I planted it and literally in TWO DAYS we had this much growth. Crazy!
The plant even lasted for a little while (and Oliver LOVED it). I think I’m going to try and keep some cat grass growing in our home, because it keeps Oliver from eating other plants he shouldn’t (and it looks real CUTE on our windowsill).

Happy New Year!
I hope all of your new goals are fresh and exciting and I hope your 2019 has started beautifully. I hope you find little joys every day and if you live in Chicago, I hope the winter weather doesn’t break your heart too much.

You’re cute & I love you,


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