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Fall Af!

Listen, it’s January and your girl is playing BLOG CATCH UP. We all love Fall. Don’t play. You love it too, even if we’re talking about it in JANUARY.

My fall was CUTE AF and I can’t help but GUSH about it.
My fall was also CRAZY AF, which is why I’m writing about it in JANUARYYYY.

You get the idea.
Here, shhhhhhh, look at some cute pics of pumpkins.

It’ll be Fall again before we know it.

My favorite Fall tradition that Kyle and I have is that we go to the Jonamac orchard near Kyle’s hometown. It’s a cute little farm with pumpkins, a cider house (they make their own wines and hard ciders!), and another little gift shop where they sell fresh donuts and other snacks. 

We go and we stock uppppp!!

The midwest is just it’s absolute best in the Fall. 
Blue skies and crisp leaves! It’s just perfect. 
Like a damn postcard. 

Also loooooveeeeee all of the Fall treats that start popping up in grocery stores and coffee shops. 

Of course y’all know I got my FILL of pumpkin spice lattes. I even got this shirt with them on it from Torrid to celebrate the season!

ALSO, I love making an apple chai drink in the fall. I first tried it at Black Bird Cafe in Valpo, where I went to college and I’ve been making it for myself every fall since I moved away. It’s just apple cider and chai! Mix to whatever your heart desires. Also makes a dope base for a fall cocktail. 

I know it’s going to be a good grocery week when I find the Butternut Squash Ravioli and Pumpkin sauce at Aldi. It’s seriously one of my favorite Fall meals. However, nothing can top Kyle’s crockpot chili! I love when Kyle makes chili, partially because I know Kyle loves to make it and because it’s so damn GOOD. 

My favorite Fall discovery is this. I love pumpkin beer and I really love Blue Moon. So good. So good. SO good. 

And of course what kind of human being would I be without making these little crack cookies from pillsbury??? 

Definitely upped my pumpkin coffee game at home with these spoopy mugs from Martha Stewart for Macy’s. I’m obsessed and I paid way too much for them. But they were so cute and I am so very weak when it comes to the kitsch. 

Thanks for playing blog catch up with me.
It’s kind of fun breaking the rules, right?

You’re cute & I love you,