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Merry & Bright

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style…..

I could go on, but I won’t because that song is god awful and will get stuck in your head till July 24th, 2019.

Continuing on with our game of Blog Catch Up™, allow me to share some of the best Christmastime moments I had from this year. If you don’t know, Chicago is unbelievable during the holiday season. There are markets, lights, and a palpable joy in the air that is so all encompassing it’s like the entire city vibrates with it.

Without further ado, here’s some tinsel, twinkly lights, and big ol’ Christmas smiles for you to enjoy!

Overnight, Chicago seems to erupt into holiday joy and decorations. I love all of the cute lil’ window displays that pop up (peep my work, Provisions’ window!!)

Of course, the most exciting decorations to see are the Marshall Field’s (Macy’s) trumpets. They put them up in late October, but every Chicagoan knows what these trumpets mean. They announce the beginning of a busy tourist season and the building of the best part of Chicago at Christmas time.

The Christkindlmarket!

The Christkindlmarket is a little Germanic market that sets up shop in Daley Plaza for the season. It’s full of the best smells (save for the Raclette no thankssssss) and music and little booths with ornaments and twinkling things and so much good food.

Kyle and I always get a bratwurst, candied pecans and almonds, and hot chocolate and other sweet treats. (IT’S TRADITION!)

For the past two years, Kyle and I have braved the very crowded Ornament house at the market to survey all of the special, sparkly, handmade ornaments they have. They have literally everything, from Chicago landmark ornaments, food related ornaments, to dinosaur ornaments. And before you ask, yes. This year I finally bought a dino ornament.

she’s perfect

My favorite booth at the market is the one filled with glowing star light fixtures. I’ve always wanted one and I’ve always promised myself that I would buy one, but I either never had the money, or just didn’t manage to snag one.

WELL, that all changed this year, when Kyle surprised me with a star of my very own this year. It’s so cozy and sweet and I love it so much!!

As y’all know, it’s not officially Christmas until we’re sitting in seats watching the Joffrey’s Nutcracker. It’s my favorite thing we do every Christmas. Kyle and I plan a whole day for it and we dress fancy and have a real cute date night out.

This year, I snagged this cute af tulle snowflake skirt from Unique Vintage and these SPARKLE SPARKLE boots from Old Navy! I was v proud of this outfit and I felt glorious.

I’ve also been feeling pretty glorious this season in oversized sweaters and pajamas. It’s been a very cozy winter so far and I’m not mad about ittttttt!

Although, the one day I did look festive and cute, Kyle and I went to XO Marshmallow, a local cafe in our neighborhood that makes their flavored own marshmallows and they create a seasonal drink menu of coffees and iced drinks. To our surprise, Kelly was there, painting mini portraits for customers that came in! It was so sweet! And her work is AMAZING!

And that’s kind of the best example of what the holiday season in Chicago feels like. It’s walking around the corner of your neighborhood and being surprised with kindness and exuberant joy.

And that’s been a little taste of our Christmas time in Chicago!

Even though the season is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t curl up with hot chocolate and your favorite pair of dinosaur Christmas socks (I won’t tell!).

You’re cute & I love you,