#DownTheAisleChicagoStyle: Engagement Photos!

Hidey-ho, neighbors!

I have this rule where I don’t apologize for not posting on social media, because…that just means you’re busy living life? I’ve said this phrase a lot and I’ve said much more than I expected.

Especially this year, because I’M GETTING MARRIED!

When Kyle and I first started planning our wedding, I would get anxious aches all over my body. Weddings are expensive y’all! I always feel horrible when people ask us “How’s wedding planning going?” or “Are you so excited?” and I would answer with something a little short and generic like “It’s going!”

Because truthfully, I never ever want to plan anything like this ever again. Wedding planning is so hard and stressful, because you have this HUGE, Most-Important-Day-Of-Your-Life event looming over your head as well as other people’s expectations and expenses you didn’t plan for–all while life, STILL GOES ON. There’s no pause button on ANYTHING!

All of that being said, we are almost ONE MONTH out from our wedding day and I’m just now starting to get those excited butterfly kind of feelings. I’m really excited about the things we have planned, because they fit us perfectly as a couple. Everything from our invitations, to our venue, and even my flowers have a significance to us and an importance.
THAT is the stuff that makes me excited and giddy.

I also get excited and giddy when I look at our engagement photos.

When we found Mari Trancoso, we knew we had to book her as our photographer. I’d say that finding the right photographer was more important for us than finding the venue. Photos were something we wanted to invest in. We want photos that we’re going to love for the rest of our lives. (Duh). So we wanted a photographer that had a sort of timeless vibe. We knew that we were definitely not the typical engagement photo kind of couple. We weren’t going to feel comfortable holding hands around a tree or something. We wanted photos that reflected us. Something that was relaxed, warm, and slightly artsy.

We totally got all of that and a whole lot more with Mari.

Our Apartment

The one location I knew I wanted some of our photos to be in was our apartment. We LOVE our apartment SO MUCH. It’s just an extension of our hearts. We always love having people over and making them feel safe, loved, and welcome.

I wanted photos in this space, so we can look back and admire how sweet we were, as broke mid-20 something’s, trying their best to gouge out a little space in a big city together.

I wanted photos of us doing our favorite things, like drinking coffee together, laughing around the piano, sitting with our cats, and playing with our vinyl record collection.

Just us.

Rogers Park Social

The other space that we knew we wanted photos in was our local watering hole, The Rogers Park Social. This bar has been our “home” since Kyle first moved to Rogers Park in 2015. I work for the stores that the owners run and we’ve just found a family there. While we haven’t gone for a drink in a while, we know that we can always get the best margarita in Chicago there, along with the best company. (My boss even let us in early, before the bar officially opened, for us to take photos inside.)

Rogers Park

And finally, after the bar, we just took a few photos under a train overpass. Rogers Park has a few of these, for the Red Line train that runs through the neighborhood, and local artists have painted murals on some of them! While these photos don’t showcase any murals, we have ideas for our wedding photos!

Ah! I just love these pictures so MUCH. They’re so warm and yummy and I can’t wait to look at them for the rest of my life.

Pro-tip for all of my wedding planning people: Do not skimp on your photographer. Do your research. Find what you like. Pay good money for your photos. You’re not going to regret hiring a professional!

Looking at these has helped me a lot in our planning process. Because these photos, these moments, that’s what all this stress is for, right? To celebrate this kind of love? The kind that makes your toes warm and your heart flutter?

I’m so grateful we found such a bomb photographer.
I cannot recommend Mari enough.
She never made me feel weird or stupid while we were taking photos. (Was honestly a fear of mine waaayyyy before we hired anyone)

She’s so cool and fun but also beautifully dark and introspective and a really, really interesting and just a stunning human being. So we really lucked out in that we scored an amazing photographer, but also a new friend!

If you’re looking for stunning photos, for any special day or just for a regular Tuesday, contact Mari ASAP!!

Again, here’s her website:


You’re cute & I love you,


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  • Kirstin

    Oh Emma,
    I always get a little flutter of excitement when you post because your blog inspires me so. But I’m also happy you’re out doin’ life. Don’t worry about us, I can go back and read old posts to be re-inpsired anytime. Just thought this blog you’ve created deserves a shout out.

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